What Mattress Topper Does Marriott Use

Mattress topper are suppose to increase comfort levels and supplement the short comings of the mattress below it. For example if the mattress is too firm the topper can provide extra spongy softness so you can melt into the bed and get the comfort you deserve.

Since Marriott is one of the world's leading luxury hotels and the basically sell comfort and luxury to tired travelers it is only fair that they use top of the line equipment who radiate comfort.

Types of Mattress Toppers used by Marriott;

Marriott basically offers 2 types of mattress toppers.

  1. Natural Mattress Topper.
  2. Fiber Mattress Topper.

Both differ in some aspects from each other but aim to complete the same objective i.e comfort. Along with the topper you can also buy a topper protector to extend it's life span.

Natural Mattress Topper:

The Natural Mattress is designed to give you the sleeping experience you can't even dream of because of restless nights in other toppers(Check https://sleepmentor.net/best-mattress-topper/ for more information). Filled with allergen-free duck feathers (95% feathers and 5% duck down) stitched in a cross stitch design to keep their distribution even.

So your whole body can rest in the warm and fluffy embrace of premium comfort. The shell is designed in a traditional border box design made of 100% cotton with double stitched edges so the heat formed in the mattress can be properly dissipated.

Then mattress topper is available in the following sizes:

Super King: 200 x 200 cm
King: 180 x 200 cm
Queen: 160 x 200 cm
UK King: 150 x 200 cm
Double: 140 x 200 cm
Twin: 100 x 200 cm

All in all the Marriott Natural Mattress Topper will give save you from half sleeps and morning back pains and give you the right start to your day.

Fiber Mattress Topper:

The Fiber Mattress Topper is what they call a topper fit for a king. Sewn in a sewn-through design to keep the fluffy fillings made of 100% Polyester balls; at the parts of your body where you really need them to be. The topper will allow your body to sink from head to toe in a border box designed shell made of 100% pure cotton.

The Fiber Mattress Topper will provide you with Hypoallergenic Treatment accompanied with a luxuriously soft and fluffy embrace that will make sure you never wake up complaining of any sort of stiffness in your body.

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